What Makes Our Company Green!

There are many different aspects to our company and everyday operations that make us GREEN!

We at Ozark’s Modern Insulation and Leadbelt Stove & Fireplace work in several different ways to make sure that our business helps to keep the environment clean and GREEN!

  • The Cellulose insulation that we use is made from 100% recycledpaper. It is manufactured with a few additives that make it able to be applied either as loosefill in attics and closed wall cavities or damp sprayed into open wall cavities. Due to its 100% recycled content and extremely high thermal and sound performance, Cellulose is an environmentally-preferred product!
    • Each year at Ozark’s Modern Insulation, we use between 300 and 350 TONS of recycled paper in our everyday installations. This means we are turning waste into a premium product that serves a great purpose for our customers.
    • Also, the Cellulose products that we use, in contrast to many others in the industry, have no harmful additives, such as ammonium sulfate.
  • Another way we help to keep the environment GREEN, is by offering alternative energy sources such as our wide variety of high-efficency wood burning appliances. There are two reasons that make the use of these units GREEN:
    • The fuel used (wood) is a completely renewable resource, meaning it can be replenished over time. This cuts down on the use of fossil fuels!
    • In turn, this cuts down on the Earth’s pollution!

These are just a few of many ways our company strives to maintain a healthier environment!