Fulfilling all of your stove and fireplace needs!

You may have an old, inefficient fireplace that needs updated… we have a high-efficiency gas or wood-burning Regency insert to fit your needs!

You may have an old freestanding wood stove that just isn’t performing like it should anymore… we have a great line of Regency freestanding wood stoves, and will find the one to fit your needs!

Maybe you don’t have a backup heat source. Maybe you want to give your great room a face-lift by adding something to it. We can kill both of these birds with one stone by providing you with a complete turn key project of adding a gas or wood-burning fireplace to your home.

Here’s how we do this: We come into your home, meet with you, and together, design the fireplace to fit your needs. You pick out what type, style and finish of fireplace you want – gas, wood, contemporary, traditional, etc. Then, you pick out what kind of surround you want – stone, wood cabinet, etc. Finally, you pick out what special options you want with your new fireplace – wood mantels, wood shelves, corbels, lighting, electrical outlets, etc. Once all your decisions are made, we begin the construction process. We begin by framing the new fireplace in the desired location. Then, we install the fireplace and run the vent pipe. Then, we stone the fireplace with one of our great stone veneer products. We then make one last trip back to install the final touches with a mantel or other woodworking and perform the final setup of the fireplace unit. Finally, we give you a tutorial on the operation of your new fireplace and then hand over to you your new full-function remote (if applicable)! ┬áThe options for one of these turn key fireplace projects are nearly endless… we will tailor the design of this fireplace to fit exactly the needs of you and your home!

No matter what your stove or fireplace need… we have you covered with our great line of Regency products!


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