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“They showed up at the scheduled time and were very diligent and professional. Installed additional insulation for no extra charge. Cleaned up after they finished. I would definitely hire them again if I needed additional work performed.”

Clint T., Barnhart, MO – Dec. 2014

“Insulated attic to R-50… really went great.”

Larry G., Ste. Genevieve, MO – Nov. 2014

“They did an excellent job.  Everything they did was excellent.  There is nothing bad I could ever say about them.  The workers were hard working and did a great job.”

Thomas K., Imperial, MO – May 2012

“They were very polite and cleaned up and didn’t make a mess. They did the services in one day and made sure the weather was good enough to do the service. They were very reasonable and I would recommend them again!”

Tammy N., Hillsboro, MO – Nov. 2011

“Just a note to you & your crew. You are both timely,curtious, respectful of us, our property, and cleaned up after yourselves. ALL STAR & HARD TO FIND THESE DAYS. THANKS!”

Jim & Vic, Farmington, MO – Feb. 2011

“I am a high quality custom home builder. I have been working with Brian and Ozark Modern Insulation for about 8 years now. They have insulated numerous homes for me over the years. I am very satisfied with the professionalism, attention to detail, and quick response to my needs. Ozark Modern also started installing wire shelving about two years ago. This has also worked out extremely well. They try to keep cost in mind while we meet the customer expectation. I ensure my customers get the quality they expect and pay for, and Ozark Modern Insulation and Leadbelt Stove and Fireplace have made that an easy task. Thanks!”

Bill G., Hematite, MO – Mar. 2010

“I own an older 1500 sq ft split level home and was becoming concerned w/ how often my air/heat was kicking on. My concern w/ energy loss led me to call Ozark’s Modern. Within a day or two of my call, they had come out to the house, given me an estimate, and blown in my attic. Dealing w/ Ozark’s Modern was both a pleasant business transaction and a crash course in energy conservation. And did I mention that my home has been comfortable and quiet (a lot less kicking on of the heater) this winter.”

Adam R., Farmington, MO – Apr. 2008

“A couple of years ago, my landlord added insulation to the house I was renting from him. The crew took 3 times longer than they said to complete the project, they quarreled and denigrated their boss and finally left a huge mess in the house and all over the yard. Well, I just bought my first home, and Ozark Insulation just finished boosting the insulation per the inspector’s recommendations. In stark contrast to the former company, Ozark Insulation’s crew was highly professional. They clearly knew what they were doing, were very polite, were very fast yet also thorough, and finally they themselves cleaned up ALL the mess! WOW, what a difference!!”

Jessica K., Farmington, MO – June 2010

“I live in a 1500 square foot ranch style house with an unfinished basement. My insulation was done by Ozark’s Modern Insulation, and the job was done in a professional, punctual manner. I chose the cardboard based Cellulose wall spray for my walls and a R-40 of Fiberglass in the attic. I have been living in the house for a little over a year now and I have not had an electric bill over a hundred dollars. The house is all electric. I highly recommend paying a little more for quality insulation because it will pay for itself many times in the future.”

Brad G., Farmington, MO – Aug. 2006

” I’m the owner of a three-bedroom, two-bathroom, 1,600 square-foot home (with an unfinished basement) insulated by Ozarks’ Modern Insulation with cellulose insulation. The job was finished within a week and a half of the day I accepted the bid for the job, and the staff was knowledgable and helpful in answering my questions. I’ve been in the house six months, and my electric bills have ranged from $36 dollars to $98 dollars–in months with more extreme weather. I believe paying just a little extra for a superior product and professional service was a decision that will benefit me for the life of my home.”

Josh J., Park Hills, MO – Nov. 2006