Be Green With Wood Heat

Are you looking for ways to cut back on your electricity or gas usage? Lower your bills? Reduce fossil fuel needs?

Be green and save money this winter by installing a new, efficient, and low-emission wood heat source!

Give Leadbelt Stove & Fireplace a call or come by to look at the wide range of wood stoves and inserts that can heat your house and even meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards for certified wood heat.

Leadbelt Stove & Fireplace sells both Fireplace Products International Limited (Regency, Hampton) and New Buck Corporation (Buck) stoves and inserts which have many models that meetĀ EPA standards for minimal emissions, and qualify YOU for a 10% tax credit!

Leadbelt Stove & Fireplace also has models that meet EPA standards and have an 80+ efficiency rating!

Be truly green by saving money AND the environment!

The following website has a list of manufacturers, models, and their ratings for emissions and efficiency (and you can see how Leadbelt Stove carries some of the highest rated stoves):

Wishing you a warm, cozy winter!


Regency Wood Stove


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